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Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are an effective way to decorate any room at a small cost. You'll be amazed how they can change a nursery or any room ! Our wall stickers are easy to apply and easy to remove.
They won't leave any damage or residue. 
You can always put them the way you want on your wall or furniture but removing some part of it or adding two or three style together ! 
Not only they bring a nursery to life, they can go in any room of your home ! Use them on some of your furniture for a nice little touch or on your electronic devices. Have a look at our selection and start planing your dream room. 
1. Measure the wall to make sure your decal is the right size before you begin applying.
2. Ensure the surface is smooth, do not stick on a rough or uneven surface.
3. Clean your wall to make sure any dirt or oil is gone before applying the decal.
Make sure the wall is completely dry before you start putting stickers on. 
4. Wall stickers can be difficult to reapply once you’ve used them, so make sure you have the right position. For that, you can put tape on the back of the decal and put them on your wall to give you an idea before you start applying them for real. When you are happy with the position trace them with a pencil to guide you.
5. Peel off the paper and then stick it to the wall. Put them from the middle and press them gently on the wall. If you need to remove it, gently peel it from a corner really slowly and start again. If you want to remove any air bubble, use a clean cardboard or a squeegee to gently remove them from corner to corner.
This can be a little tricky and hard. Follow our easy steps to make sure you don't lose your mind !
1. Measure your wall hight and width. Decide how much space you want between each stickers. If you put them further apart that will make a pack of stickers go further and will be cheaper. We find that putting them too close together make the wall look too busy. 
2. Divide your wall into columns and rows to make a grid using that spacing dimension. Draw a diagram of your grid on paper or electronically to have something to look at.
This part would help you to decide how many wall stickers you will need to buy ! 
3. You can use a measuring tape and some wall tape to know where to put your wall stickers. (make sure to use something specifically design to adhere to wall for painting or creating pattern art, so you don't damage your wall and paint.) 
4. You can place them the way you want and you can create any pattern you like. Have fun with them !