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About Us

Planing, organizing and decorating a nursery always been exiting for us. We we're bless of doing it two time and we went all out ! Was it necessary? Not at all, but it was something, as a mom that truly made my heart happy. I would spend hours in this beautiful room that we put so much attention in, just to look at it. 
It's not just a nursery, it is the place where you're gonna spend most of your time in when your little one make his appearance. Might as well make this place look amazing ! 
We wanted our store to reflect our vision of a cozy and lovely place to bring a tiny human into your world, but also, affordable products, that will add a little bit of magic to any nursery ! 
We also don't label genders on our products because we think everyone can like what they want. 
On that note, we hope that you will find something that make YOUR heart happy !
Happy planing ox 
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